Bless Every Home

BlessEveryHome is a tool to help believers regularly and more deeply pray for their neighbors. Developing such a prayer habit will naturally lead us to more specifically and intentionally reach out, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to care for our neighbors with the love of Christ and to share with our neighbors the message of Christ.

This is not to be viewed as a sprint, but rather  a marathon. Not a short-term action, but rather the development of long-term habits. And don't let the mechanics distract you. The addresses will not all be correct, but pray on. The placements on the map will not all be exact, but pray on. The house numbers will not all be accurate, but pray on.

We will provide resources (see below) to help with these and other issues you might have in using this new tool. The goal is to keep praying and then to listen and to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit in reaching out to care for and to share Christ with your neighbors.

If you would like to use this tool to help be more effective in carrying out Christ's Great Commission call, you have two options:

Option 1

To use the web version, visit the following link: Start by watching the 2 minute video by Stephen Kendrick. When you are ready to get started, click the Sign Up button on the page.

Option 2

To use the app version on your phone, click on the following link from your phone: If you try this option first, make sure to go to Settings (under ••• in the top right corner of the app) and create an account to access additional features.

Below are several resources to get help in using BlessEveryHome.


       Send an email to with your name, phone # and a brief description of your issue, and someone from the church will contact you shortly to help with that issue.

Online Help

       Go to and click on HELP in the upper right corner to search for answers to some of the most frequent question

Scheduled Support Meeting

        Keep an eye out for announcements in the weekly worship guide for scheduled support meetings for BlessEveryHome.