Family Discipleship

We believe that both individuals and family units exist to make known the supremacy and glory of Jesus Christ. We believe that we start close, in the home, so that we can bring the gospel to those around us and to all nations. We have been given a mission, join us in it!

Below is a summary of our family discipleship strategy at FBC St. Francisville. For full details, reasons behind the strategy, or tips and suggestions with these areas please see the Family Discipleship Packet.

Gather as a family weekly with FBC St. Francisville in Sunday worship gatherings, family based D- Groups, and Wednesday night Family Worship.. Also, plan weekly intentional family time, away from the distractions of everyday life, to grow in your love and enjoyment of each other.

Grow as a family as you strive to grow in spiritual maturity both individually and as a family unit. Strive to grow individually by daily Bible study, prayer, and meditation. Grow as a family with daily/ weekly family devotional/worship times. Strive to pursue prayer daily and for families with multiple children, focus on what each child needs to grow in their specific journey.

Give as a family by sacrificially and cheerfully stewarding the resources God has given, including your time, talents and spiritual gifts, and finances. Invite your children into the financial giving and allow them to choose ways to use family time for service and glorifying God.

Go as a family by constantly being engaged with the lost around you in an effort to preach the gospel to them. Think through how to use your everyday lives to speak God’s truth and the hope we have in salvation. Our work, school, and neighborhood should be different because our family is there!

We encourage you to sit down with your calendar and plan times to Gather, Grow, Give, and Go as a family!

Three-Part Process 

  1. Prayer-filled and Spirit-lead. At the end of the day, strategies will only get us so far. We as a faith family must be on our knees in constant prayer for family discipleship in the church and in the home. We must trust God to lead us every step of the way. 
  2. Parents are primary. We absolutely want to be well-trained and confident in our theology and beliefs, but we do not have to obtain a seminary degree to carry out family discipleship. This is because it is primarily about a divinely designed relationship from God between parents and their children. It might seem like “professional ministers” could disciple your family better than you, but no individual can impact the life of a child like their parent or guardian. We also have the biblical command to do so. 
  3. Church supported. Do not be nervous or fearful about the task ahead. We desire to come alongside parents to equip and train them to be the primary disciple-makers in the home. You are not alone and we are all here walking this journey together!