DGroup Resources

All DGroup mentors and members need to purchase one of the following F260 journaling resources:

  • Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers (Journal);
  • CSB Disciple’s Study Bible.

These resources include the Bible reading plan, a content summary of the daily reading, and a space to write your daily H.E.A.R. journal.

DGroup members will all need the membership covenant as well as the sample H.E.A.R. journal, which are available for download here:


In addition to one of the essentials, DGroup members are encouraged to consider these additional resources:

  • The “Replicate” app, which includes the Bible reading plan, a verse memorization module, the CSB Bible, and communication tools for your DGroup. The app allows you to do your journals electronically, but it does not include the content summary of the daily reading.
  • If you opt for the Foundations Journal, we recommend that you use a good study Bible for your daily reading. The CBS or ESV Study Bibles are recommended resources to provide you with trusted commentary for help in understanding God’s Word.
  • For more information on DGroups, read Robby Gallaty’s book Growing Up.
  • For help in growing prayer in your group, read Donald Whitney’s book Praying the Bible.