DGroup Resources

Want to join a DGroup? Contact us at info@fbcsfla.com.

DGroup Details

What is a DGroup?

  • The “D” stands for discipleship: Groups are focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ who are equipped to become disciple makers themselves.
  • DGroups are made up of 3-5 men or 3-5 women.
  • DGroups can also be made up of 2-3 families that meet with spouses and children all together.
  • DGroups meet once a week at a time/place that’s convenient for the group.
  • DGroups meet for about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.

What do I need for my DGroup?

DGroup members will all need to watch the member orientation video below and download the membership covenant as well:


In addition to one of the essentials, DGroup members are encouraged to consider these additional resources:

  • If you opt for the Foundations Journal, we recommend that you use a good study Bible for your daily reading. The CBS or ESV Study Bibles are recommended resources to provide you with trusted commentary for help in understanding God’s Word.
  • For more information on DGroups, read Robby Gallaty’s book Growing Up.
  • For help in growing prayer in your group, read Donald Whitney’s book Praying the Bible.
  • For a supplemental study in Christian doctrine, get Wayne Grudem's book Christian Beliefs.