• Church Training Institute

    Are you interested in taking college credit courses at church? Get more information and let us by checking out our Church Training Institute page.

  • DGroups

    Do you want to intentionally invest in the lives of other believers to grow them in Christ and on mission for Christ? Do you need someone to help you grow in Christ through prayer and fellowship in the Word? DGroups are for you! Click here for more information and resources on DGroups at FBCSF.


    Are you ready to embark on a Family Discipleship Adventure? Here at FBCSF, we want to help our families learn to Gather, Grow, Give and Go as a family. This adventure starts at home and offers core competencies for your children to learn and the important roles parents play for each stage of development. Each stage comes with a list of resources to help you get started today.

  • Senior recognition sunday

    We will celebrate our high school seniors that are graduating on May 5th. During the welcome of our worship service, we will call them down front and announce where they are graduating from and what their plans are for the future. After the service we will all share a meal together. Register at this link